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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blog Candy!!

So, I have discovered that people just GIVE things away if you go to and comment on their blogs!!!

Who knew??? I love free stuff!!!

It is sooooo cold here tonight, so I have decided to park myself and laptop in front of the fireplace and enter for as much blog candy as I can!

The first is at My Creative Cafe I love the mother book and the shape of those die cuts!

I am sure I will be adding more here as the night goes on. Stay tuned...

As promised...Check this out, Much Ado About Nothing, but really, don't...You'll decrease my chances of winning!!!

And Another with great candy...Creative Journey

One more with some fab blog candy and an amazing crafter, look here!

Enjoy Everything,


  1. bwwaaahhhaaahhaahaaaa *evil cackle* You will soon be as addicted to searching out blog candy as Christy and I!

  2. Yall and these darn blog candies! I cant do them since mine is private :( Oh well.

    LOVE the new look though!

  3. Thanks for the compliment :) and thanks for linking to my candy. Good luck in the draw. Kim