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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Hearts Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!

I apologize for being so behind in blogging recently. I have done lots of crafting, just not lots of posting. So, be ready for a long one!!

First off, presents!!
Anakin got me the Wii Nerf Blaster game. It is so fun! I blasted some serious robot butt!! My wonderful hubby got me this...Isn't it gorgeous? I LOVE IT!!! The diamond is princess cut, and there are two round ones on the sides of the center stone as well as three round ones on the sides of the band. He did good!

Now for crafty stuff...

I made this card for my honey...
The paper is Love, Elsie, and the stamp is SU A Little Somethin' hostess set. I embossed it with pink embossing enamel. I never emboss!!

I made this card for Grandma from Anakin. I embossed it as well, and the paper is also Love, Else.
This is the card I made for Anakin...
And...the card Anakin made for me...You will recognize the supplies...

He stamped in Pink Passion ink, because Mom loves pink, the sentiments "Love you a latte!" (Mom loves coffee) and "I stink you're sweet". He also stamped the dotted circle with the flower inside and was so proud of himself. The best part is what he wrote...
Dear Mom, Thanks for all the things you do to us. Sometimes you get on my nerve but other times you can be a very great mom. Your Son, Anakin D. Bush

Gotta love him!!!

These are the Valentines we made for my class and his. The top hearts are for my class, and the bottom are for his.

I altered these Frappucino jars and filled them with M&Ms for my co teachers. They were really fun and easy to make.

Whew!!! That was a long one!! I hope you like all our creations!!

Enjoy Everything,


  1. I love your blog. How about that ring...it is gorgeous.

    I am going to have to get a blog going. I am jealous.


  2. Beautiful ring!!! Super cute cards! At least he put Anakin D and not S for skywalker!

  3. Gorgeous ring! YAY!

    Love all the creations too!

  4. How sweet of your sweetie, nice ring! Love all your projects!

  5. Love the beautiful ring!

    Wow, have you been busy with making things, but you've got to love what kids write in their cards. Enjoy!